In English | Issue 4/2021

Surge of low-carbon concrete

Surge of low-carbon concrete
Photo credit: Consolis Parma

Operators and stakeholders of the concrete industry share a clear mindset to find new solutions and develop operation in the whole sector in terms of environmental responsibility. Customers are increasingly interested in decarbonisation.

Requirements have become more stringent as concerns the reduction of greenhouse emissions in construction projects and are expected to become even more stringent as a result of various commitments and laws. It is clear that material manufacturers will also need to develop products and solutions that reduce emissions.

There has been a clear demand for lowcarbon products and companies in the sector are meeting this demand. There are several new low-carbon concrete grades and concrete products in the market, and the new product innovations are already in use in new ongoing construction projects.

Good design also contributes to the reduction of emissions from concrete construction. A lower structural strength would be acceptable in many indoor structures. Another important approach is to always choose the structural system best suited to the application in question. Structures must also be designed and built with maximum modifiability in mind to allow emissions to be reduced throughout the life cycle. Concrete material for structures must be selected appropriately for different external conditions and stress factors.

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