In English | Issue 1/2022

Preface: Future for concrete – less carbon and more digitalisation?

Preface: Future for concrete – less carbon and more digitalisation?

Concrete will also in the future be produced at a nearby plant. The production process is controlled remotely from a central control room with computers and machine vision in charge of quality assurance. The clients will be able to follow the movements of the concrete deliveries conveniently with their mobile devices. And the concrete delivered to the construction site will be almost carbon neutral, making both the builder and nature happy and pleased.

The outlook is bright for concrete. Some of these scenarios are already reality, some will probably be achieved in the near future. Some will need plenty of hard work and cooperation from the whole industry. In any case, we have clear signposts showing the direction for the future.

It has been gratifying to see how quickly our industry is progressing. For quite some time, also low-carbon concrete products have been on offer. The more and the better products that are developed, the better they will find their way to the clients’ projects. This will enable us in the construction industry to jointly develop our activities and produce massive, safe, sustainable, energy-efficient low-carbon solutions for the end-users.

New products can only be improved based on practical experience. The further development of decarbonisation is a dealbreaker for our industry. Fortunately, we have already started our efforts and have a great potential for development.

The development of digitalisation is another requirement to ensure that our industry will also in the future be able to offer attractive employment opportunities. In the eyes of young people, the attractiveness of an industry is measured by its modernity and usable tools. They are more at home with a touch screen than a screwdriver.

Concrete Magazine has always been one of my favourite magazines, whether reading it on paper or on screen. I hope the amazing concrete projects introduced in the articles of the Magazine provide you with inspiration, new information and ideas. Enjoy your reading experience.

Mikko Vasama, Chairman, Association of Concrete Industry in Finland