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Public outdoor areas of Ranta-Tampella – Environmental Structure of the Year 2021

Public outdoor areas of Ranta-Tampella – Environmental Structure of the Year 2021
Photo credit: Maanlumo Oy

The public outdoor areas of Ranta-Tampella in Tampere have won the Environmental Structure of the Year 2021 Award. The development consists of several different areas combined into a versatile series of outdoor areas with overlapping elements of a built-up urban environment and a natural environment.

Ranta-Tampella in Tampere is a new residential community built in most parts in a shore area established on backfill land. Landscaping construction activities were implemented already at the initial phases of the development of the extensive site of some eleven hectares, creating a pleasant and wellfunctioning environment for the new residents from the very start.

Ranta-Tampella is an example of the high quality of Finnish environmental construction. Ambitious planning was followed by a high standard of implementation in this project. New research data has been taken advantage of in the project, with innovative solutions employed in order to meet the objectives of environmental construction in terms of a carbon-neutral, resource-wise and diverse city.

The versatile range of materials used in the outdoor areas of Ranta-Tampella is based on natural stone, concrete stone and poured concrete surfaces as befitting the site. Wood has found uses in piers and fixtures. The consideration of circular economy is reflected in natural stone paving, embankments and various structures through the use of excavation rubble from the near area as well as recycled street and wall stones.

The expression of the bridges and the canal links them seamlessly with the landscape architecture of the area. The visible surfaces of the canal’s embankment walls were built from large precast concrete slabs with embossed patterns inspired by the movement of water. Concrete cantilevers which are like sculptures provide lounging platforms above water.

Stormwater management is integrated with the park and square areas of the site. Surface water is led to retention basins and for irrigation purposes. The challenging shore conditions have guided the selection of plants. An organic approach and the atmosphere of natural shores have inspired the plantation of the shore park.

The Environmental Structure of the Year competition was set up as a means to introduce to the public high-quality environmental development projects based on a high standard of planning and implementation to create an aesthetically and functionally sustainable, good environment. The Award was now presented for the 31st time.

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