In English | Issue 2/2022

Cement industry uses various means to reduce carbon dioxide emissions

Cement industry uses various means to reduce carbon dioxide emissions
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The cement industry has for quite some time already taken plenty of efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from cement production.

The carbon neutrality goal defined by the cement industry is the year 2050. Finnsementti’s own goal is to reduce the total emissions of the company from the 2020 level by 25 percent by the end of the 2020s.

The efforts can be divided into two parts that support each other. The first part is based on modern technology. Reductions in emissions are achieved on a local level and already in the upcoming years, primarily through selection of raw materials and fuels and improved energy efficiency. Blending of cements and the utilisation of materials that can partly replace cement clinkers play an important role in these development efforts.

The second part is based on international cooperation to ensure the technology leap. International cooperation is important in research activities and projects due to the large scale of the research topics and the high price and high-risk character of demonstration projects, which make them impossible for individual companies to implement. The recovery of carbon dioxide is in the very centre of the technology leap.

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