In English | ISSUE 3/2022

New kind of prefabrication construction with a hybrid of cast-in-situ insulated block and precast concrete element

New kind of prefabrication construction with a hybrid of cast-in-situ insulated block and precast concrete element
Photo credit: Lammin Betoni Oy

When the cast-in-situ insulated block was brought to the market four years ago, it expanded the opportunities of concrete block construction from low-rise to also e.g., high-rise construction. Now another result of product development has been introduced which combines the cast-in-site insulated block with a conventional precast concrete cladding panel. The end-result is a jointless rendered facade with proven performance utilising the benefits of prefabrication construction.

The PARMArappaus thick-coat render method developed by Consolis Parma Oy for facades has been combined with Lammin Betoni Oy’s cast-in-situ insulated block “Kuorikivi” to produce a new kind of a precast cladding panel for in-situ rendering. It brings together facade cladding properties and the speed of prefabrication construction.

The PARMArappaus method of Consolis Parma is based on precast concrete panels which are provided with the first plaster coat at the factory and then finished on the worksite with a coloured finish render. The inner leaf of these precast facade panels is poured with concrete at the factory where mineral wool insulation is also installed on top of the inner leaf.

The Kuorikivi blocks produced at Lammin Betoni’s plant are delivered to the precast concrete panel factory and laid in the moulds. Reinforcement is then installed for the load-bearing inner leaf and the required equipment and services embedded before concrete is poured in the mould. After sufficient hardening, the panels are ready to be delivered to the worksite.

As with traditional deliveries of precast concrete units, the hybrid products can be delivered to the site as “product only” or with rendering on the site included in the delivery.

There are some 200 colours to choose from for the external render of the new PARMArappausblock. Both products are available also with low-carbon concrete used in the inner leaf. In addition to EPS insulation, biomassbased Inora Luonto insulation can be selected as thermal insulation for this novelty product to reduce carbon dioxide emissions compared with other alternatives.

Two six-storey residential buildings are under construction at the moment in Lohja, one to be completed this year and the other next year.

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