In English | ISSUE 4/2022

Pavilion of senses – Concrete studio 2022

Pavilion of senses – Concrete studio 2022

In the Department of Architecture at Aalto University, basic studies include the familiarisation with the most common building materials through different exercise works. In the basic course of building technologies, the students were acquainted with concrete and its structural and material properties in the spring of 2022.

The task was to design a pavilion of senses in the bay area of the Aalto Campus in Otaniemi. The students developed individual reinforced concrete pavilions, about 30 m2 in size, and freely placed in the terrain. The theme for each pavilion had to be based on the experience that the location gives to the senses or a natural element, such as a view, sound, water, daylight cycle, or plantation.

The pavilions were to be built as covered structures, and the surrounding areas could also be processed and covered, if desired. The structures were designed and finally cast in groups in a scale of 1:10. It has been a tradition to include also an excursion in the course, and this year the destination was Turku.

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