In English | ISSUE 4/2022

Statuesque Omenapiha

Statuesque Omenapiha

Omenapiha is a large courtyard shared by the whole residential estate in the Olari area of Espoo.

The sheltered courtyard on top of a parking facility is enclosed by five apartment buildings which comprise the estate.

The courtyard area is almost 120 metres long and up to 50 metres wide in some points, and features communal lounging and playground areas.

With abundantly blooming low-rise trees, paved passageways, stone walls and a landscaped, undulating green field area, the courtyard gives an impression of a private park for the residents. Various activities have been adapted to the courtyard in a natural manner.

Omenapiha stands almost completely on the roof of the above-ground parking facility of the estate. Courtyards built on top of above-ground or underground facilities are special structures and as such involve complex planning and expensive implementation. Drainage of large roof-top courtyards alone requires very specific design efforts.

In Omenapiha, eyes are immediately drawn to the pergola beside the main entrance and the noise abating built-up planting basins next to it. The water basin beside the lounging area also stands on the roof-top part of the courtyard.

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