In English | ISSUE 1/2023

Durable concrete floors in school buildings

Durable concrete floors in school buildings

Concrete floors of different types are used as floors in schools, educational buildings and campuses.

Concrete floors have increased their popularity in school construction for several reasons:

  1. Concrete is a high wear resistant material. Communal school areas – lobbies, hallways, dining halls – are subject to high traffic volumes every day.
  2. Concrete floors offer a safe solution in terms of indoor air. Emissions are minimal from concrete floors. However, concrete surfaces need to be protected with protective surface coatings to prevent the floor from generating dust or absorbing liquids and dirt. This will also make the floor easy to clean.
  3. A concrete floor is an architectural solution. The appearance of concrete floors can be influenced with many different methods.

The article describes concrete floors used in schools and educational buildings, including a polished concrete floor and a float finish concrete floor.

Various high performance concrete solutions are a new addition to the design concrete floor market. (Hard aggregate toppings are produced of hard aggregates.) In order to ensure the long lifecycle of a concrete floor, it is important that the floor contractor, coating contractor and material supplier together prepare instructions for caring for the floor.

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