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Kruunuvuori Bridge is the largest in Finland

Kruunuvuori Bridge is the largest in Finland
Photo credit: WSP Finland

The Crown Bridges Light Rail will connect Laajasalo, Korkeasaari and Kalasatama to Hakaniemi in 2027. It will also provide a new seaside route for cyclists and pedestrians.

Thanks to the project, the shortest way from Kruunuvuorenranta to the Central Railway Station, which is currently 11 km and runs via Itäväylä, will decrease to just 5.5 km.

Construction began in autumn 2021.

Finland’s longest bridge (about 1200 metres) will be built over the Kuurunuvuori open sea area, between Korkeasaari and Kruunuvuorenranta which is part of the Laajasalo area. The most visible element of Kruunuvuori Bridge, the 135 metres tall pylon, is a central part of the bridge structure.

The bridge will not only be the longest in Finland (1191 m), but also the tallest bridge with the longest span. The central pylon of the bridge rises to a height of 135 metres. The clearance height of the bridge is 20 metres over the main boat fairway. The free span width of the bridge is 30 m and the minimum width of the fairway is 31 m. The bridge is quite exceptional, as bridges of this size have not been built anywhere in the world for use only by public transport, pedestrians and cyclists.

The bridge deck is 15-19 metres wide. The rail corridor has a standard width of ca. 9 metres and the bicycle lane is 3 metres wide. The pavement for pedestrians varies from two to six metres in width.

Vehicular access to the bridge is also provided for rescue services.

The service life requirement specified for the bridge is 200 years. This applies to the bridge as a whole – some of the structures are designed for a 200-year service life. These include structures that are difficult to replace, such as pylons, intermediate piers and the steel beams of the deck.

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