In English | ISSUE 1/2023

Preface: Concrete industry joins forces to reduce CO2 emissions

Preface: Concrete industry joins forces to reduce CO2 emissions

Extreme weather phenomena in different parts of the world, including heat waves, drought and forest fires on one hand and heavy precipitation and flooding on the other, are causing severe threats to both nature and people. Carbon dioxide emissions are also on the increase. In Europe, the war in Ukraine has already caused significant emissions. The reconstruction, when the time comes, will also produce high volumes of carbon dioxide emissions.

The Finnish concrete product industry is actively promoting cooperation within the industry as well as with cement manufacturers and other suppliers of raw materials and equipment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

In terms of decarbonisation, stone materials score well today in comparison with other building materials. By introducing low-carbon concrete types even greater reductions can be achieved in emissions – also in infra construction.

There is a lot of room for growth in the market share of low-carbon concrete types and products.

The rapid digitalisation of concrete construction also provides more agile operating models for the building industry as a whole.

However, the dependency on imports makes our society vulnerable in many sectors. The rise in energy prices is reflected in an increase in raw material and transport costs. We need to ensure the long-term implementation of the agreed measures to promote the green transition and curb climate change.

The future looks promising for the concrete industry. We also play a role in promoting higher education in concrete technology: the concrete industry has endowed professorships at both Aalto University and the University of Tampere. The cooperation with the Universities has contributed to a high level of professional competence and motivation in teaching as well as extensive research collaboration.

We respond to challenges in our changing operating environment, now and in the future.