In English | ISSUE 3/2023

Massive pouring of low-carbon pile slab

Massive pouring of low-carbon pile slab
Photo credit: Kreate

Kesko’s new logistics centre is under construction in Hyvinkää. The 85,000 square-metre logistics centre, which will be completed in phases, is built on a strong concrete foundation and requires a total of 66 pile slabs of different sizes. The first slab was poured in early May; it is the largest of the slabs, a pile slab for what will be an automatic warehouse. The total amount of fresh concrete needed for the slab was 3,650 m3. The slab is 400–900 millimetres thick and was poured in layers of 300 millimetres.

The pouring operation took fifty hours and had to be extremely well planned and also implemented. The concrete used for the slab was Rudus Oy’s low-carbon concrete which has 45% lower carbon dioxide emissions than comparable normal concrete.

The curing of the concrete was commenced immediately after pouring. When the formwork had been stripped, ground works were started for two smaller slabs next to the automatic warehouse’s large slab. The pouring of the pile slabs for the main building of the logistics centre is expected to be completed by the end of the year 2023.

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