In English | ISSUE 4/2023

New coating guideline for concrete floors under preparation

New coating guideline for concrete floors under preparation
Photo credit: Tuomas Uusheimo

There are several options for coating of concrete floors. The choice of the coating is affected by different factors, such as coating type, thickness and material, the quality requirement specified for the surface and its appearance. The methods, materials and requirements have undergone considerable changes over the years. The new Coating Guideline for Concrete Floors BY77 – BLY20 will be published in early 2024.

The client or the developer, the end-user and the designer must review the factors affecting the selection of the floor surface before the final coating decision is made. Representatives of material suppliers and coating contractors should also be consulted before making the decision, if possible.

The important thing is that all the requirements specified by the client for the floor have been carefully considered already at the design stage and are brought up also when selecting the material and the contractor.

Even with a careful selection of the coating type and material, meticulous execution as well as correct timing and conditions of coating work are what matter most for the final coating result. The humidity and temperature levels of the premises must conform to the limits based on the material and the instructions of the material supplier must be followed in the execution of the work.

Measurements shall be carried out prior to starting to ascertain the adequate dryness of the floor for the coating work.

For quality control purposes, all the information related to the coating work shall be recorded in the coating report, including materials used, amounts of materials, and conditions during coating.

The end-users are responsible for the proper care and maintenance of the coating.

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