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Environmental Structure of the Year 2023: Näsi Park Bridge in Tampere

Environmental Structure of the Year 2023: Näsi Park Bridge in Tampere

The Näsi Park Bridge in Tampere was built using in an exceptional manner the structure of the old vehicle bridge for the new purpose of use, and landscaping the bridge for recreational activities and for use by pedestrians and cyclists. The landscaped bridge is adapted to the surrounding areas in a pleasant way and forms a continuation between the areas as part of the park.

The old vehicle bridge has now been converted on the side of Lake Näsijärvi into a recreational space with lounging areas for the public. The adjacent part facing the Tammerkoski rapids was left for vehicular and cycling use. The Park Bridge is part of the shore route on Lake Näsijärvi.

The versatile landscaping project utilised local granite in the undulating stone wall that evens the height differences between the two bridges.

Green area development was one of the fundamentals in the design of the project with green areas running across the entire Park Bridge. The plants were selected for the project with the aim that they will never block views to Lake Näsijärvi, but during the summer season something will always be in bloom in the lounging areas.

The Jury also applauded the use of recycled materials and the consideration of accessibility aspects. The building materials were commended for their high quality and installation work for diligence of execution in most parts.

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