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Preface: Promoting sustainable construction with Concrete

Preface: Promoting sustainable construction with Concrete

Concrete construction and concrete as a material come up in every single building project in some manner. The articles of this Magazine also present many awarded projects in which concrete has been utilised.

The resale value of a building is determined based on factors such as the quality and ecology of construction, energy efficiency, durability, low carbon content, and circular economy; the same factors will govern construction activities also in the future. Concrete represents strength and a long service life in construction – an ecological natural material with a long lifecycle, when correctly used.

When buildings and structures are designed and built from the very start with maximum modifiability in mind, carbon emissions can also be reduced throughout the life cycle. The materials used in a building contribute to cutting down the footprint of construction. The energy efficiency of the building, on the other hand, plays a significant role in total emissions during the whole life cycle.

It is a source of joy to observe sustainable construction. The life of the building materials must not end when the building is demolished. Concrete has the opportunity to continue its journey either in a new building, in infrastructure or in some other form of reuse. The recycling percentage of concrete has been well over 80% for quite some time already.

The light rail line Raide-Jokeri won the Concrete Structure of the Year 2023 Award based on the social impact of the project and the significance of concrete in infrastructure construction. The successful adaptation of the rail line to the existing urban structure was made possible by the extensive use of concrete and in essential parts also by the high modifiability of previously built concrete structures.

In the Näsi Park Bridge in the Ranta-Tampella and Särkänniemi area, which received the Environmental Structure of the Year 2023 Award, the structures of the old vehicle bridge have been utilised in an exceptional manner for a new purpose of use by landscaping the old bridge for recreational activities and for use by pedestrians and cyclists. The Bridge was also applauded for the use of recycled materials and the consideration of accessibility aspects.

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