In English | ISSUE 2/2024

New guidelines for steel fibrereinforced concrete

New guidelines for steel fibrereinforced concrete
Photo credit: Rudus Oy/Inspiroiva Creative

The existing guidelines for the design of steel fibre-reinforced structures in Finland need to be clarified. However, the official design guidelines are now on the way! The second-generation Eurocode (SFS-EN 1992-1-1:2023) includes an informative annexe (Annex L) specifically addressing the design of steel fibre-reinforced structures.

Steel fibre-reinforced concrete is a composite material in which steel fibres are added to the concrete mix to enhance its tensile strength. These high-strength steel fibres vary in tensile strength and are typically shaped to improve bonding with the concrete. Unlike traditional reinforcement (rebar), steel fibres are randomly distributed within the concrete matrix.

The new guidelines aim to clarify the use of steel fibre-reinforced structures, expanding beyond just floors and slab-on-grade applications. The Eurocode’s role is not just crucial; it’s a beacon of assurance and a national annexe will likely be published by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment. Designers will benefit from clearer rules, allowing them to confidently incorporate steel fibre-reinforced structures into their projects.

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