In English | Issue 1/2022

Atlantinsilta connects traffic with West Harbour

Atlantinsilta connects traffic with West Harbour
Photo credit: YIT Suomi Oy

Atlantinsilta bridge (Atlantic bridge), which was opened in Jätkäsaari in the spring of 2021, caters for both the residents of the growing area and travellers arriving at the West Terminal.

The oceanic theme is reflected in design, materials as well as the selection of colours. The concrete deck structure of the bridge has been minimised to an as straightforward structure as possible, like a big wave. It is supported on concrete abutments standing up like sculptures. The colours of the bridge create a clear overall picture, and materials include concrete as well as shot peened stainless steel.

Atlantinsilta bridge was built on backfill land, with foundations of the heavy-duty type. Bored piles were installed in the ground over a distance of about 2600 metres, and driven piles were used over a distance of ca. 3500 m.

Abutments of Y shaped type are a special feature of Atlantinsilta bridge. They consist of stainless steel shells filled with self-compacting concrete in order to ensure their high standard. The concrete bridge deck, with its impressive side curve, was built using C55/67-P50 highstrength concrete. The total consumption of concrete in the deck structure was 2500 m3. Self-compacting concrete was used also in the retaining walls of the bridge to ensure a highquality end result for the concrete surfaces.

The precast retaining wall units erected by the side of the bridge on Atlantinkatu Street are very impressive, and required a high degree of special expertise in manufacture, design and erection, as well as cooperation between professionals of several different industries.

The relief-type precast retaining wall unit imitating a wave follows the shoreline and the passageways on both sides of the bridge.

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