In English | ISSUE 4/2022

Shared roof-top courtyard implemented as a group project of four housing associations

Shared roof-top courtyard implemented as a group project of four housing associations

The planning and implementation of the renovation of a 40-year old courtyard built on top of the roof of an underground parking facility in the Tapiola area of Espoo proved to be a challenging project, The refurbishment of the roof-top courtyard shared by four housing associations was implemented as a group project. Project design, development, construction and supervision were executed as one package. Each housing association covered the costs of work carried out on their property.

The total scope of the courtyard renovations completed in 2022 was 7,000 m2.

The refurbishment was based on the original designs and principles of implementation. Planning was steered by the decision to preserve the load-bearing structures of the courtyard consisting of beams and hollow-core slabs, and their permissible loading. The goal was to increase attraction to residents through added courtyard activities and plants. Accessibility was improved by reducing ramp and staircase angles and installing missing banisters and handrails.

The flow of the courtyards follows the original composition and spirit and the style that Tapiola is known for. Tall precast walls were replaced with lower border walls. The new playground and lounging areas were located centrally in the courtyard, like before. Low-usage game courts were converted into planting areas. The border between the groundsupported courtyard section and the roof-top section was concealed with plentiful plants.

The original exposed-aggregate slabs were an essential part of the character of the courtyard. They were removed with care and undamaged slabs were washed and installed back, following the original laying pattern. For the rest, smooth, grey concrete slabs were used.

All other materials were also chosen to honour the Tapiola spirit and the history of the town block. Courtyard lighting fixtures were replaced.

The overall impression is dominated by abundant, colourful blooming plants. There are more than 50 different species with space reserved also for the residents’ own plants.

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