In English | ISSUE 1/2023

Harjus is the name of a town block with three buildings

Harjus is the name of a town block with three buildings
Photo credit: Antti Luutonen

In 2021, a building project consisting of a complex of three residential companies was completed near the Kalasatama shopping centre in the Verkkosaari area of Helsinki. The three residential companies that form the residential building complex with uniform architectural features and a shared location are As Oy Helsingin Harjus, Smoltti and Kossi.

The building complex comprises a grocery store on the street level and more than 140 residential apartments. The slanted roof sections house loft apartments with terraces.

The communal facilities shared by all the residents of the block include a laundry, recycling room, storages for outdoor sports equipment, sauna unit, roof terrace and an area for recreational activities. The common interior courtyard provides play areas and places for lounging. A carpark was built under the complex as well as several storage areas for bicycles.

Harjus block is like a kinetic sculpture with changing facade compositions created by the balcony life of the residents, the opening and closing balcony glazing, the patterned glass parts as well as the reflections of the neighbouring buildings on the windows.

Ramps leading to the courtyard were built from precast concrete units. The building has a concrete frame.

The facades facing the courtyard are precast sandwich panels with brick tile cladding. The street side facades consist of glazed balconies with rear walls built from precast sandwich panels. On the first floor, the facade cladding features metal slats.

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