In English | ISSUE 3/2023

City of Helsinki tries to find ways to reduce emissions from concrete

City of Helsinki tries to find ways to reduce emissions from concrete
Photo credit: Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd

The concrete industry is facing an increased need to find ecologically sustainable solutions. The City of Helsinki has introduced a requirement for using low-emission fresh concrete and products made of concrete in infrastructure construction.

The adoption of sustainable building solutions calls for close cooperation between clients, designers, contractors and material suppliers for the utilisation of new innovations and technologies in construction projects.

Clients play a significant role in making sustainable material choices. Clients also need to accept the use of low-emission alternatives and encourage material suppliers to develop and offer such materials.

A new tram and bus depot is under construction in Ruskeasuo in Helsinki. The City is looking to create a zero-emission bus and tram traffic system. Environmental factors are carefully considered in the depot building project.

The concrete used in the project is a low-carbon type. The emissions of this type are lower than the emissions of other concrete types, one reason being that part of the cement is replaced with furnace slag, for example.

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