In English | ISSUE 3/2023

New welcoming residential complex in Fallkulla area of Helsinki

New welcoming residential complex in Fallkulla area of Helsinki
Photo credit: Kuvatoimisto Kuvio Oy / Anders Portman

The welcoming five- and seven-storey apartment blocks share a common courtyard area and the complex also includes a three-storey car park.

The plan was based on a variable undulation of roofs, implemented by varying the building height between five and seven storeys. Brickwork in different colours divides the massive facades on the street-facing side making them appear lighter. The facades facing the courtyard show a grey concrete surface.

The car park serves as a noise barrier towards the railway track and protects the courtyard area of the complex.

The car park’s facade towards the track features lightweight aluminium mesh cladding panels while on the side of the inner courtyard, the facade is a concrete wall enlivened with climbing plants.

The building frames are prefabricated concrete frames, with precast inner leaf panels and brickwork on street-facing facades and precast sandwich panels on the facades towards the courtyards as well as on the facades with balconies. The intermediate floors are hollow-core slabs. The slanted roof was built on the site on a substructure made with hollow-core slabs.

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