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Concrete Structure of the Year 2023: Raide-Jokeri – new light rail line in Helsinki

Concrete Structure of the Year 2023: Raide-Jokeri – new light rail line in Helsinki

The high-speed light rail line Raide-Jokeri is a large-scale project that showcases exemplary project management and is of great significance to the society and the urban environment. It improves crosstown traffic between Helsinki and Espoo and as it at the same time leads to a denser community structure and the use of low-emission energy, regional competitiveness will also increase.

The new 25 kilometres long high speed light rail line brings trams to new areas and provides exchange connections to both the metro and suburban trains. There are 34 pairs of stops on the new light rail line. The Jury brought up the adaptation of the Raide-Jokeri light rail line to the existing urban structure which emphasises the wide use of concrete in various structures and the modifiability of previously built concrete structures. The new light rail line project included the construction of 11 new bridges and the renovation or widening of 9 bridges. Ground conditions also made implementation of extensive piling and construction of pile slabs necessary. Concrete retaining walls were built on a total of 17 points along the line. The Raide-Jokeri’s 15 power supply station buildings were designed with a uniform reddish brown architectural appearance.

Two new waterway bridges were constructed crossing River Vantaanjoki. The River is a habitat of the thick shelled river mussel which is an endangered species. When building the bridges, the mussels had to be moved upstream for the duration of the project to ensure their preservation.

The light rail project also presented solutions that improve the diversity of the streetscape. These include e.g., grass rail beds which increase the amount of green areas in the street space.

The Jury stated that infrastructure projects implemented to a high standard provide an important means to meet the environmental challenges of the present time.

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