In English | ISSUE 1/2024

Residential Company As Oy Töölön Castellum

Residential Company As Oy Töölön Castellum

A complex of three high-rise buildings has been completed in the old Töölö area of Helsinki. It has not been an easy feat to fit the new largescale building with auxiliary buildings on Topeliuksenkatu Street in Taka-Töölö.

Architects Kirsi Korhonen and Mika Penttinen have resolved the challenging task with success.

The facade consists on street level of fairfaced, profiled precast shell elements of white concrete. They highlight in a subtle manner the urban character of the building on street-level.

The name Castellum refers to a stone house. On upper levels, the facades are built from Poroton clay masonry blocks. The rest of the building is of concrete construction.

The cast-in-place concrete intermediate floors allow windows to reach all the way to the ceiling. The residents had a choice to leave the cast-in-place concrete ceiling visible in the apartments.

The Castellum apartments feature spacious balconies. The apartments also allow flexible outfitting options and if necessary, are modifiable.

The property has underground parking facilities. The deck on top of the underground car park is a post-tensioned concrete slab.

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