Media kit 2023

The Betoni Magazine is designed for developers, designers and builders in the construction trade, as well as for public employees and professionals working in business and industry. Betoni Magazine is also distributed to various research and educational institutes.

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Nina Loisalo
Online display ads and ad reservations for printed magazine
Puh. 050 368 9072
Maritta Koivisto, Editor in chief
Ad reservations for printed magazine

Release dates and material submission for printed magazines

IssueReleaseMaterialPreliminary themes
1/202310.3.17.2.Publication of The award of the Concrete Structure of the year and Landscape structure of the year.
New in concrete house building. The issue-specific low carbon theme.
2/20232.6.9.5.Concrete floors. Concrete buildings. New projects.
The issue-specific low carbon theme.
3/20236.10.14.9.Concrete in landscape architecture. Recycling.
The issue-specific low carbon theme.
4/202315.12.16.11.Concrete facades. Renovation of the concrete structures.
The issue-specific low carbon theme.
All rights to changes reserved.

Advertisement sizes and prices for printed magazine

Advertising rates as of 1 January 2023. Attachments by agreement. Advertising rates are exclusive
of VAT. 24 %. Attachments and other promotional opportunities by agreement.
Ask us about our other options, services and annual contract prices!

Customer discounts:
Two advertisements per year – 20 %
Three advertisements per year – 25 %
Four advertisements per year – 30 %

Advertising FormatsWidth x height (mm)Prices: 4-colour (€)
2/1 pages (spread)420 x 297 mm (+ bleed 5 mm, alignment marks)4.950 €
1/1 page (A4)210 x 297 mm (+ bleed 5 mm, alignment marks)2.950 €
1/2 page horizontal 182 x 127 mm2.060 €
1/2 page vertical 89 x 258 mm2.060 €
1/4 page horizontal 182 x 61,5 mm1.440 €
1/4 page vertical 89 x 127 mm1.440 €
1/8 page horizontal 90 x 65 mm1.010 €
2. cover210 x 297 mm (+ bleed 5 mm, alignment marks)3.300 €
3. cover210 x 297 mm (+ bleed 5 mm, alignment marks)3.100 €
back cover210 x 267 mm (+ bleed 5 mm, alignment marks)3.950 €

Technical specifications

Trim size: 210 x 297 mm (A4)
Printing area: 182 x 271 mm, 4-colour
Screen ruling: 70, Number of columns: 3
Printing process: Offset, Binding: adhesive binding


Complaints shall be made in writing within 14 days after release date:

Material guidelines and delivery address

Announcements in digital format (ready for printing. Pdf) with 5 mm bleed marks + alignment marks in whole page and back cover materials. Bleed marks are not needed in smaller materials.

In the file name must be mentioned the magazine number, ad size and name of the client. Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the material and the delivery of the material by deadline. The magazine has the right not to publish any ad.

Printed by: Punamusta, Joensuu
Address: Kosti Aaltosen tie 9, 80140 Joensuu
Tel.: 010 230 8400
Ad traffic: tai
Customer Service: Sari Lehto,

Circulation and distribution for printed magazine (changes possible)

  • Members of the Association of Finnish Architects (SAFA) 1970
  • Members of the Association of Finnish Civil Engineers (RIL) 4139
  • Members of the Association of Finnish Construction Engineers and Architects (RIA) 3412
  • Members of the Association of Finnish Landscape Architects (MARK) 211
  • Members of the Association of Finnish Landscape designers (MAS) 284
  • Members of the Association of Finnish Landscape constructors (VYRA) 139
  • The Finnish Association of Designers (ORNAMO) 130
  • Members of the Concrete Association of Finland (BY) 15
  • Members of the Finnish Concrete Floor Association (BLY) 76
  • Member companies in the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries (RT) 400
  • Other building contractors 200
  • Engineering offices 200
  • Municipal building authorities 336
  • Developers and consulting engineers 269
  • Officials of Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries 50
  • Technical and vocational schools 179
  • Students 705
  • Public authorities 209
  • Building managers 307
  • Libraries 480
  • Overseas subscribers 100
  • Other subscriptions 800
  • Advertisers and working copies 50
  • Issue specific special distributions 250
  • Members of Parliament 60

Yhteensä 14 971 kpl

Cancellation of advertisements

Cancellations shall be made by a written notice one week prior to material submission date:

Media Kit 2023

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Media Kit 2024

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Front page: Box 300 x 250 px

VisibilityPrice € (+ VAT 24 %)
1 month560
3 months1250
6 months1880
12 months2500

Front page: Higher box: 300 x 600 px

VisibilityPrice € (+ VAT 24 %)
1 month750
3 months1630
6 months2500
12 months3370

Article: Box 300 x 250 px

VisibilityPrice € (+ VAT 24 %)
1 month450
3 months1000
6 months1500
12 months2000

Article: Higher box: 300 x 600 px

VisibilityPrice € (+ VAT 24 %)
1 month600
3 months1300
6 months2000
12 months2700

Display ads: technical specifications

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Materials should be delivered to:

Commercial partner articles

Commercial partner articles are content advertisements that are edited in articles format. Customer will provide the content: text material, images, graphics or video files/links. The article will be edited and layouted to website by Betoni-magazine editorial staff. The article will be marked as ”Kaupallinen yhteistyö”.

The materials for commercial partner articles are requested to be delivered as ready made. The editors reserve the right to check the content before publication.

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Commercial partner articles: Price

VisibilityPrice € (+ VAT 24 %)
1 month1500

Further information:

Nina Loisalo

Nina Loisalo

Communications Assistant

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