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The ERMCO 2018 Congress in Oslo 7.-8.6.2018

Concrete’s contribution to a changing world

The ERMCO 2018 Congress in Oslo in June presents how concrete moves…

Welcome to Oslo!

«We look forward to meeting our international colleagues in Oslo 7-8. June. Our industry is facing challenges of a changing world but we are very happy to see innovation flowing into the market»  These are the words of Jan Eldegard Hjelle, the manager of FABEKO,  the Norwegian Association of ready-mixed concrete producers hosting the ERMCO 2018-Congress. Together with ERMCO, we will do our best to communicate these innovative developments to all participants. However, remember to register, it will be popular!

«This is the 18th  Congress in a series which started in the sixties of the last century» the ERMCO Secretary General Francesco Biasioli says «…ERMCO has supported the evolution of ready mixed concrete industry and the many changes in the period for 50 years. The way concrete is specified, produced and delivered today has little in common with common practice  years ago. New materials, a better understanding of the mixing process, improved equipment, the ongoing impact of the digital revolution have all made ready-mixed concrete today an environmentally friendly construction product tailored to suit the most varying users’ needs. And the Congress, every three years, is the witness of this long evolution….»

Topics for ERMCO 2018 Congress

The ERMCO 2018 Congress in Oslo presents news and innovation grouped into four topics:

·         concrete specification, production and distribution
·         sustainability and social responsibility
·         architecture, BIM and design for the future
·         infrastructure

«Through more than 40 interesting presentations in Oslo, we hope to give all participants the inspiration to further develop their own business in the local market», Hjelle continues. «…we intend to show how the readymix concrete industry continues to move forward…»

The ERMCO 2018 Congress includes presentations on how concrete architecture is used for «branding» tourist roads.. A key topic for the Congress is impact on environment. Almost 40% of all new personal cars sold in Norway in 2017 were electric. Looking at the concrete industry, what will happen if future regulations in inner-city areas allows CO2- and NOx-free vehicles only?

All abstracts are available on the program at the website ermco2018.no 


A dream of the future?  Once upon a time in the middle of the 2050’s….

The following text from Mr Federico Furlani, Simem SpA is a light-hearted taste of one of the presentations:

Once upon a time in the middle of the 2050’s there was a young truck mixer, named TM63X, nicknamed “BETTY”, living in a large community of digital equipment for construction along the fjords of Oslo. It was a fully digitalised machine, equipped with the latest state of the art set up for any task, capable of delivering any kind of concrete within a radius of 100 km around its community.

Its life was very happy since it was surrounded with many truckmixer colleagues: most of the others in the fleet were very young and all of them self-driving and fully digitalized; the concrete  pumps in the community were equally young and attractive, so that every day the washing shift, at the end of the deliveries, was a kind of party, playing with a lot of water and rubber balls until it was time to refuel and park up inthe garages.

All of the truckmixers  were driving continuously between a network of batching plants, where they came across many interesting vehicles such as  heavy loaders and large aggregate trucks. The shipping offices were controlled and calm, providing each truckmixer with comprehensive  instructions and detailed suggestions on delivery logistics according to the weather and the traffic, making life easier and communicating schedule corrections to customers who may be facing problems»

But one day something happened… Register at ermco2018.no and you will know what…


The venue for the ERMCO 2018 Congress is Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel in Oslo. Participants are offered a special fee for early-bird registrations before the end of February. As June is high season for travelling in all Norway, rooms at hotels are filled up early by international travellers. Our advice is to book rooms as soon as possible. Links to hotels are available at the Congress web site ermco2018.no

Social program

Guided tourist tours in Oslo will be organized for accompanying persons on 7th and 8th June and a gala dinner is planned for the evening of 7th June. In the morning of Saturday 9th June, tours will be organized for visits to concrete construction-sites. These sites are close to the hotel and accessible by walking.

See you in Oslo!


FABEKO- Norwegian Ready Mixed Concrete Association
Member of ERMCO- European Ready Mixed Concrete Organization

·         Contact person FABEKO, mr Jan Eldegard Hjelle, jeh@fabeko.no
·         Contact person ERMCO, mr Francesco Biasioli, fb@ermco.eu